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  1. Daniel says:

    It’s unfortunate that shortly after the level of the relationship is changed there are often realizations about its nature. Maybe that’s due to perceptual relativism.

    Chag sameach, Kelly! Miss you in Boston

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  3. kimthejournalist says:

    Do you recall celebrating / marking Passover as children? In CCD, we studied and honored the Jewish calendar too, but that tradition appears to have been lost.When we were kids, Passover was my favorite holiday to learn about, and my knowledge thereof has made me understand Judaism more readily as an adult. I think it’s a wonderful spiritual journey you’ve undertaken.

    However… let me just say that the dietary exclusion of foods as “unclean” or ‘unmixable” is a human rule, based on the use of religious edicts to justify cultural behavior… No God, Jewish, Catholic, or Spaghetti, gives a damn if you ate bacon cheese fries so long as you honored your community and revered the gift that was your own life.

  4. elmediat says:

    Very well done.😀

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